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Dating advice

The following is a compilation of articles which I have written as a brother and a friend to everyone that reads them. It is specifically dating advice for women and girls but it also goes beyond.

I hope these articles will help open your mind to the male perspective, give you answers, protect you from heartache and ultimately guide you into the arms of the true love you long for. You must know however, that I am no relationship expert and neither can I speak for all men. I however consider myself a regular guy and I can speak authoritatively based on my own experiences as well as those of my peers. 

More importantly I want you to enjoy life and love in its truest form. I want you to experience true appreciation. I want to free you from toxic relationships and to help you find a safe and secure home for your heart.

Each article covers a specific topic which I felt needed to be covered. Each of these articles can be read separately and I have done my best to make them actionable. The language might be strong in some situations. I'm really sorry for that... but I wanted to keep it one hunid with you and those words are for emphasis. 

So here goes... with love


1. What kind of woman are you to him?

2. Are you wasting your time on him?

3. How to get his attention even if you don't have the looks

4. How to be more approachable

5. Jerk proof: A guide to protecting your heart from losers

6. Why men cheat... nothing but the truth

7. So he cheated... now what next?

8. So you cheated and got caught... but you still love him

9. 5 things you can do right now to turn your relationship around

10. The ultimate relationship test

11. Dating advice for single moms

12. Dating advice for big women

13. 9 truths about men that every woman should know

14.. 17 best gift ideas for men

I'd love to hear your thoughts as well as topic suggestions for future articles. So let me know in the comments section or via email. 


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