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How to easily set Firebase Rules for your app

How to easily set Firebase Rules for your app When building apps or websites, you might want to add a database where information is stored online so that users can easily access if from multiple locations. Google's Firebase platform allows you to do just that. It comes with a number of useful functions such as enabling user authentication, providing online storage, databases and even cloud messaging.  You can read this email to find out more on how you can connect your mobile app to firebase. Once you've set up your app and connected it to Firebase, you will need to control who or which of your users have access to specific parts of your database. This article will help you set rules and also highlight common mistakes which you should avoid. To set your Firebase rules, navigate to your Firebase Database Console and click the tabs section. This is shown in the images below: Navigate to the Firebase Realtime Database section. Navigate to Rules and select Edit rules By default you