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How to make him like you a bit more

I believe most people confuse love with how they feel, so they assume that the things they want are what the other person wants as well. True love in its purest form, is about the other person. It’s important to understand this. Most people claim to love their partners, but then go on to treat them badly. So the easiest way to make him think about you constantly, is to do things that are in his best interests. Now to answer your question in more detail… I'm not sure if you can handle this superpower that I'm about to give you. I'll just trust that you won't abuse it. Deal? Great🙂 There are three things that men long for in their relationships: Peace Appreciation Ego boost I. PEACE After a long day of fighting bad guys, evil bosses and doing all sorts of good deeds to make the world a better place, he simply wants to retreat to a happy place. No drama, no judgement, just comfort and love. Don't add on to his woes by seeking someone to validate you, throwing endless

9 reasons why men cheat

Have you ever had your heart broken, and found yourself wondering why he cheated, even though you had done everything right? Or did your man cheat and now you're unsure whether to stay or move on with him? Well in this article, we'll cover 9 reasons why men cheat. We will start by talking about the types of cheaters out there. This will help you understand the nature of his bond with the person he cheated with. This is a rather sensitive subject that guys hardly discuss with much honesty and I will tell you why. If you ask any men why men cheat, we will give you the obvious answers. In most cases we leave out vital information because we someday hope to end up with you. Thus if we tell you as it is, we'll be easier to nail. Simple right? My goal is to help women enjoy healthier relationships with great men, and that is why I am wrote this. I have found myself in awkward situations a number of times... so I've cheated before. I'm definitely guilty. So I write from my

Songs to help you get through a heartbreak

If you're having girl(or boy) problems I feel bad for you son(or daughter), I got 99 problems but a b**** ain't one.  Who am I kidding? Heartbreak happens to the best of us... yup, that's including me. While most people handle it fairly well, there are some whose lives end up ruined as a result of the ultimate betrayal. I've been depressed at some points, and though time may heal most wounds, some scars become constant reminders of a love lost and the way it left us feeling empty. One thing I have learnt however is that whenever it happens, instead of being in denial, it is much wiser to face it head on. So I give myself time to grieve and let it all out. One of my best outlets is music. There are some songs which can plug into your chest, connect to your pain and then say the right words to your wall of shame. Heartbreak is definitely no laughing matter... and I know for some, it may even seem like the end of the world. Take a break, cry or do whatever you feel will he

The most romantic RnB love songs for lovers

Is there a name for that warm fuzzy feeling that you feel in your chest when you're in love? Ever been so in love that whenever you get a free moment, all you want to do is just shut your eyes and smile on the inside as you think about all the wonderful things you see in your beau.  The way that crooked tooth perfects their smile. How they giggle. The way they say a certain word, or even how they walk. Beautiful isn't it? (Especially if they feel the same too.) Well, I hope the following songs will perfect those moments for you. If you're still searching for the one, then I hope these songs will renew your faith in love and reinforce your belief in romance. The whole idea is to give you a collection of songs that you can sing to your partner, or better yet, dance to as you hold each other close. Please note that there are way too many love songs to cover in a single article. So I hope you understand that this list is neither conclusive nor exhaustive. It is simply a songs t

Hip hop and RnB songs to apologize to your partner

Love is a beautiful thing, but it often goes wrong. This often leads to pain, suffering and sorrow.  Being imperfect beings, hearts tend to get broken all the time regardless how hard we may try to avoid it.  The heartbreak is often inadvertent but at times we find ourselves in the wrong. An oversight, a word unsaid or even a lapse in our judgement can cause our loved ones harm. This doesn't always have to be the end though. Oftentimes, relationships can be mended by simply uttering three simple words: "I AM SORRY". This article is a collection of some of my favourite 'I'm sorry' songs. I hope you'll enjoy these apology songs, but more importantly, I hope you will get a few quotables and some wisdom nuggets from them.  The best apology however, is to change behaviour (got that from a Jay Z interview) so as you apologize, please remember that it was your actions that hurt them. The best apology is one which involves you not repeating those same mistakes aga

20 Hip hop and RnB songs that give the best love advice

Some years back, I attended a friend's wedding. As we enjoyed the proceedings, the DJ kept us entertained with some of the sweetest music. Sometime into the proceedings, the DJ made a very critical musical blunder and ruined a perfect moment by playing the wrong song. I'm sure many didnt notice.... but I did. Guess which song he played? It was Tamia's rendition of Careless whisper. It's a beautiful song, but at that moment, it was a horrible choice. I could clearly tell he was oblivious to his mistake, but the lyrics to that song are of regret and a love gone wrong. So instead of being a celebration of love, such a song adds a whole new dimension to what is meant to be a beautiful occasion. Maybe I'm the only one, but have you noticed how most of the sweetest love songs seem to be tainted by infidelity? Not to sound righteous or anything, but the theme is always: "my partner ain't around, and you look fine" or "I'll do you better than your par

So you cheated and got caught... but you still love him

Forever is a very long time... and a lot could happen in 'forever'. When I was younger, I used to boast about being a 'good' one woman man. I could have sworn I would stay that way forever. As I grew older, I found myself in situations where Jesus would have looked away in shame as I made a mockery of love and its aesthetics.  I had also vowed that cheating was a deal breaker for me. I truly believed that a cheating woman was beyond redemption and I would not tolerate it. I had even broken relationships with a number of women simply because they had looked at another guy the wrong way. Yup! I was that petty. An unfortunate incident however, had me questioning my truth and despite the immensity of emotional pain I had to endure, it helped put a lot of things into perspective. I am older now, and I believe we are all merely "a bunch of lost souls" trying to find our paths in life. So even though we will be on course most of the time, we are also bound to lose ou

17 Best gift ideas for men

First of all, thank you for reading this... it's not many men that are blessed enough to receive 'real' gifts in their lifetime... so you're a legend for even thinking about it. So his birthday or an important milestone is coming up and you'd like to do something special for him. You're not sure what to get him, but that's alright, now that you're here. In this article we'll cover a number of gift ideas that your special man will definitely love. However, before we get started, I'd like to give you some tips that will help you become a great gift chooser.  By the way, this post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase or sign up to a service after clicking one of my links I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site! Tips for choosing the right present for him • It's not about you Your goal is to make him feel special. So start by forgetting yourself and focusing on him and his inter