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Create a forum or wall for your social media app

 In this tutorial we will cover how to create a forum or wall for our social media app. This will be slightly more complex than what we have covered so far. This will be your main activity feed and thus it is important to think deeply about what you want your users to see or experience. Building your layout I have created the following layout for the forum.  I started by dragging a linear H onto my layout Inside the linear h, I placed the following: I.) Imageview- this will hold the profile picture of the user II.) A linear V-  this will just be a place holder III.) imageview- this will reveal the options to add a new post IV.) Imageview- this will be our search button V. Edittext- this is where the user will type a search query VI. Imageview- this will clear and hide the search field Adding a Customview We will need to add a customview to determine how our wall posts will be displayed.  I have created my customview and given it the name "custom". It looks as shown below: Now

How to easily set Firebase Rules for your app

How to easily set Firebase Rules for your app When building apps or websites, you might want to add a database where information is stored online so that users can easily access if from multiple locations. Google's Firebase platform allows you to do just that. It comes with a number of useful functions such as enabling user authentication, providing online storage, databases and even cloud messaging.  You can read this email to find out more on how you can connect your mobile app to firebase. Once you've set up your app and connected it to Firebase, you will need to control who or which of your users have access to specific parts of your database. This article will help you set rules and also highlight common mistakes which you should avoid. To set your Firebase rules, navigate to your Firebase Database Console and click the tabs section. This is shown in the images below: Navigate to the Firebase Realtime Database section. Navigate to Rules and select Edit rules By default you

How to connect your Sketchware app to firebase

 This tutorial will cover how to add your: • Project ID • Web API • App ID • Firebase storage bucket to your Sketchware project. Firebase will allow you to add authentication, database and online storage capabilities to your app. You will need to start by creating a Firebase Project (Note that this is not the same as a Sketchware project). Check out this article for a detailed guide on how to create a firebase . On your Sketchware project screen, navigate to the top right corner of your screen. Click the menu item(the three dots) as shown below. The configuration menu will be opened. Click 'Library'. In the Library Manager section, click the Firebase option as shown below. On the Firebase Project settings, add the ' Project ID ', ' App ID ' and the ' API Key '. If you are not sure where to get these, then check out this article . If you already have another Sketchware app which is using firebase, you can import the firebase details for that project by c

How to create a social media app using your mobile phone

Ever wondered if you could build your own social media app? Well it's possible and it's a lot easier than you think. You could actually create a social media app using your phone. Yes, you heard that right. You can create a social media app using your android phone.(I'm sorry Apple users) In this tutorial series I will show you how to create a your own social media app using Sketchware. Sketchware is an android app that creates other apps. You can download Sketchware from Google Playstore . Before we start Program Duration: 5 - 10 days (Estimated) Recommended time per day: 2 hours per day (Recommended) Depending on your accuracy and speed this should take about 5 days if you give yourself 2 hours a day. I'm pretty sure it can be done in about two days but you don't have to rush. How this Sketchware tutorial works The whole topic couldn't be covered in one article so I wrote a series of related articles which can be read individually to build a complete app. Yo

How to set up firebase

Contents I. What is Firebase? II. Key features of Firebase III. How much does it cost to use Firebase IV. How to create a new Firebase project V. Add an android app to firebase project VI. How to get Firebase project ID, app ID and web API VII. How to add an android app to Firebase project VIII. How to set up Firebase storage IX. How to set up Firebase DB X. Conclusion I. What is firebase Firebase is a Google owned platform designed to help developers make, manage and scale up their mobile and web applications. II. Key features of Firebase Firebase comes with a number of useful features. These include: • Authentication Firebase auth allows you to verify the identity of each of your app's users. It currently supports the following authentication methods: Email/Password Phone Google Play Games Game Center Facebook Twitter GitHub Yahoo Microsoft Apple Anonymous • Database Firebase database allows you to store and share data between users in real time.  • Storage This allows the storag