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How to use the Whatsapp API to send messages with Sketchware

As an app developer you also want to provide a seamless user experience for your users. This means simplifying tasks and finding easier ways to do things. This can be achieved using APIs. This tutorial will cover how to use the WhatsApp API to: 1. Open a chat 2. Open a chat with a predefined message. Please note that the decision to send the message lies ultimately with the user.  The logic is placed onButtonClick... so I can send a message when a the button is clicked. In the first example we use an intent and then we setdata to the contents of edittext1. Just in case the image isn't clear enough, the text is: whatsapp://send?text=   In the second example we specify a phone number. When clicked, a chat to that number will be opened. This is particularly useful on a contact page... whereby users can simply click a button to chat. The code used below is: All the best as you build that amazing app

How to create a QR code reader in Sketchware

A QR Code is a two dimensional optical bar code which is used for carrying data. QR stands for "Quick Response". Each QR Code normally contains an identifier, a locator and a url. These codes were initially used for tracking of auto parts but have become more popular in recent years. Nowadays they are used for providing easy access to website as well as for tracking purposes. That has made them a key marketing tool. Instead of typing a url, a user can simply scan a code and be redirected to a specific page on a website. You can however adapt the QR Code and use it as you wish. Some time back I mentioned a tracking app for employees or students... using a QRCODE and your listviews, you can create a powerful tracking app. So let's create a simple app which generates a QR Code using the data that we will provide.  How it will work A user can type something in an edittext field and when they click a button, we will call the QR code using an API to generate a code. We will the