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Songs to help you get through a heartbreak

If you're having girl(or boy) problems I feel bad for you son(or daughter), I got 99 problems but a b**** ain't one.  Who am I kidding? Heartbreak happens to the best of us... yup, that's including me. While most people handle it fairly well, there are some whose lives end up ruined as a result of the ultimate betrayal. I've been depressed at some points, and though time may heal most wounds, some scars become constant reminders of a love lost and the way it left us feeling empty. One thing I have learnt however is that whenever it happens, instead of being in denial, it is much wiser to face it head on. So I give myself time to grieve and let it all out. One of my best outlets is music. There are some songs which can plug into your chest, connect to your pain and then say the right words to your wall of shame. Heartbreak is definitely no laughing matter... and I know for some, it may even seem like the end of the world. Take a break, cry or do whatever you feel will he

The most romantic RnB love songs for lovers

Is there a name for that warm fuzzy feeling that you feel in your chest when you're in love? Ever been so in love that whenever you get a free moment, all you want to do is just shut your eyes and smile on the inside as you think about all the wonderful things you see in your beau.  The way that crooked tooth perfects their smile. How they giggle. The way they say a certain word, or even how they walk. Beautiful isn't it? (Especially if they feel the same too.) Well, I hope the following songs will perfect those moments for you. If you're still searching for the one, then I hope these songs will renew your faith in love and reinforce your belief in romance. The whole idea is to give you a collection of songs that you can sing to your partner, or better yet, dance to as you hold each other close. Please note that there are way too many love songs to cover in a single article. So I hope you understand that this list is neither conclusive nor exhaustive. It is simply a songs t

Hip hop and RnB songs to apologize to your partner

Love is a beautiful thing, but it often goes wrong. This often leads to pain, suffering and sorrow.  Being imperfect beings, hearts tend to get broken all the time regardless how hard we may try to avoid it.  The heartbreak is often inadvertent but at times we find ourselves in the wrong. An oversight, a word unsaid or even a lapse in our judgement can cause our loved ones harm. This doesn't always have to be the end though. Oftentimes, relationships can be mended by simply uttering three simple words: "I AM SORRY". This article is a collection of some of my favourite 'I'm sorry' songs. I hope you'll enjoy these apology songs, but more importantly, I hope you will get a few quotables and some wisdom nuggets from them.  The best apology however, is to change behaviour (got that from a Jay Z interview) so as you apologize, please remember that it was your actions that hurt them. The best apology is one which involves you not repeating those same mistakes aga

20 Hip hop and RnB songs that give the best love advice

Some years back, I attended a friend's wedding. As we enjoyed the proceedings, the DJ kept us entertained with some of the sweetest music. Sometime into the proceedings, the DJ made a very critical musical blunder and ruined a perfect moment by playing the wrong song. I'm sure many didnt notice.... but I did. Guess which song he played? It was Tamia's rendition of Careless whisper. It's a beautiful song, but at that moment, it was a horrible choice. I could clearly tell he was oblivious to his mistake, but the lyrics to that song are of regret and a love gone wrong. So instead of being a celebration of love, such a song adds a whole new dimension to what is meant to be a beautiful occasion. Maybe I'm the only one, but have you noticed how most of the sweetest love songs seem to be tainted by infidelity? Not to sound righteous or anything, but the theme is always: "my partner ain't around, and you look fine" or "I'll do you better than your par

K Brizzy's top tips for aspiring artists

At a tender age, we are all taught to find and pursue our passion. This may be drawing, painting, singing or even playing a sport. As life happens however, many are forced to trade off their passion for a more corporate and steady career. Some choose to wing it, but the stories of celebrities dying broke have become fodder for journalists. This is mainly because the local entertainment industry does not often provide the lucrative incomes that guarantee a happily ever after. In instances where it does, the artists might not be as business minded as is required to match their artistic talents. It is therefore essential to approach their work as a bona fide business. This calls for meticulous planning, constant monitoring and evaluation.  THE CASHMERE SUMMER The artwork for KBRIZZY's new projects, The Cashmere Summer E.P. Fresh off the success of his debut EP, Cashmere Summer, and getting a BAA nomination shortly thereafter. Bulawayo rapper K-Brizzy shares some nuggets with aspiring