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How to create a free website with a custom domain

Starting a business can be quite expensive and with a limited budget, you might find yourself shortstaffed and frustrated. Every business should have a website regardless of its size or budget and this article explains how to create a free website for your business. CONTENTS • Introduction • What is a website? • Why you need a website • Common phrases that you should understand • Steps to create a free website with custom domain • How to get a free custom domain name •  How to  build   a website using Google sites • How to get free hosting for your site I’ve tried a number of times to look for local products and services online, and it hasn’t always been pleasant. Most local firms cannot be found online. At most, there’s just a   Facebook page.   Some of the larger companies are no different. Some might have paid someone to set up a website for them but these are usually outdated, unresponsive and filled with insufficient content. About a year ago, as i was trying to  get my product in