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How to make him like you a bit more

I believe most people confuse love with how they feel, so they assume that the things they want are what the other person wants as well. True love in its purest form, is about the other person. It’s important to understand this. Most people claim to love their partners, but then go on to treat them badly. So the easiest way to make him think about you constantly, is to do things that are in his best interests. Now to answer your question in more detail… I'm not sure if you can handle this superpower that I'm about to give you. I'll just trust that you won't abuse it. Deal? Great🙂 There are three things that men long for in their relationships: Peace Appreciation Ego boost I. PEACE After a long day of fighting bad guys, evil bosses and doing all sorts of good deeds to make the world a better place, he simply wants to retreat to a happy place. No drama, no judgement, just comfort and love. Don't add on to his woes by seeking someone to validate you, throwing endless

Well, if it works then why isn't it working for you?

Something rather embarassing happened to me some days back. I was chatting with some acquaintances, and the subject of how to make money came up. Having worked with small businesses for quite a while, I thought I was qualified to respond... and so I did. They were all blaming the government or something outside themselves for their misfortunes and failure in business. I'm more of an introspective individual, so even my response was along those lines. I brought up how most of the time, it's not really about hard work, but more about working smart. Setting a goal and methodically working towards it. More importantly, I also mentioned how our attitudes also play a significant role in determining our level of success. Things went south very quick though, and one particular lady wasn't amused by my comments. She snapped. She told me how tired she was. Tired of advice. Tired of theory. Tired of constantly trying. Tired of being told no. Tired of watching people who seemingly don&