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9 reasons why men cheat

Have you ever had your heart broken, and found yourself wondering why he cheated, even though you had done everything right? Or did your man cheat and now you're unsure whether to stay or move on with him? Well in this article, we'll cover 9 reasons why men cheat. We will start by talking about the types of cheaters out there. This will help you understand the nature of his bond with the person he cheated with. This is a rather sensitive subject that guys hardly discuss with much honesty and I will tell you why. If you ask any men why men cheat, we will give you the obvious answers. In most cases we leave out vital information because we someday hope to end up with you. Thus if we tell you as it is, we'll be easier to nail. Simple right? My goal is to help women enjoy healthier relationships with great men, and that is why I am wrote this. I have found myself in awkward situations a number of times... so I've cheated before. I'm definitely guilty. So I write from my

The case for funding African tech start-ups

"If you were in the States, you'd be far by now" my cousin quipped. At that time I must admit I slightly disagreed. I just thought it wasn't yet my time. Deep in my mind, I hold this belief that when you are truly good at what you do, roads will be built to where you are... regardless if ' where you are ' is in the middle of nowhere. However, I recently stumbled on an article which said over 80% of companies which received venture funding in Africa were owned mainly by non-Africans. The bulk of the remaining 20% were owned by Africans living outside the continent. Not too sure what that implies, but I found it somewhat of great concern. Then yesterday I read another article on Crunchbase , which gave a rundown of stats on tech unicorns since as far back as 2012. For those who might not be aware- i n business, a  unicorn  is a privately held  startup company   valued  at over $1 billion. Since 2012, close to 1000 companies have achieved that status. In total,