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how to create an android app web banner

Ever wondered what it takes to create your own apps? 

Its actually  easier than you think, and all you need is your android phone and the desire to learn. That's all. 

Using Sketchware you can create android apps using your mobile phone, install and have them running in minutes. You can create all sorts of apps and without needing any serious programming experience.

The following tutorials will help you create your own android app. We will be using Sketchware to make our own custom apps without any coding. Simply click on the links below to go straight to any section. You can also follow the topics in the sequence I have arranged them.


Getting started

1. Coming up with an app idea

2. Getting started: Creating a new project in Sketchware

3. Understanding Variables

4. Understanding list blocks

5. Useful tools

6. Useful tips

7. How I got started (Case Study)

App design

• How to build your user interface

How to make your user interface beautiful

How to add custom fonts in Sketchware

How to use the Alpha property

How to use the input type property

Basic features to add to your app

How to set up firebase

How to connect your Sketchware app to Firebase

• How to create a login and sign-up page

How to create a loading screen

How to add language translations

Move from one screen to another

Add more features to your app

Create a multi page PDF using Sketchware

Make an animated line chart in Sketchware

Create a spinner list

How to search a listmap(multiple fields)

How to search a firebase list

How to pick an image using the file picker component

How to do simple calculations in Sketchware

Calculate list total

Add a share button in Sketchware

Add clickable items to drawer

Use whatsapp API to send messages

Create and display charts using the Quickchart API

How to save data to phone memory

Create a custom dialog box in Sketchware

How to easily create background notifications(Partially working)

Full App Tutorials

1. How to create your own accounting app

2. How to create a QR Code scanner

3. Make an app that converts text to speech

4. How to create your own social media app

Monetizing your app

Tips for monetizing your app

How to market a new mobile app


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