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My advice to local aspiring developers

Well, today I thought let me talk to fellow aspiring developers, particularly those in third world countries. This is just random advice... so you are free to ignore it if it suits you. Some weeks back I wrote an article talking about how there is an average of 2 companies achieving unicorn status [ a billion dollar valuation ] every day around the globe. These are companies from everywhere except Africa. Africa has only had a handful of unicorns and these only account for 0.5% of the global total. One of the reasons for that, is simply a matter of probabilities. If you have thousands of people all actively building something then you're more likely to stumble upon at least one great company. Then when that company grows it can nurture and reinvest in more companies of its own. I've met a lot of great developers with beautiful ideas, but they sit on those ideas and soon, years pass without anything being done. With this article I'm hoping to provide some insights and more