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Social media marketing

  Social Media a Necessary Evil in Business Many a time companies think social media is bad for business and that it leaves them exposed to the public. However, things have changed and social media is now a necessary evil especially as we move deeper into th is  new information technology era.   It is not about having social media accounts and simple posting on a daily basis. The value of social media is not only the popularity  your  website but how these sites connect  your   business  directly to  existing  and potential  clients .  Social media  marketing  generate s   awareness about a company’s product or services .   In order for this to happen you need a  clear   social media strategy that defines the message,  distribution , execution and evaluation of any proposed plan .  Having a strategy in place make s  it easier to select the   appropriate platforms to deliver your message. Let’s  talk about social media strategy!  Social media strategy simple refers to the way in which y