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The smartest street kid

A former colleague once told me a story of a wealthy doctor whose car hit a street kid whilst driving around town. The streetkid was so badly injured that he needed medical attention. Acting in speed, the doctor took this kid, put him in his car and rushed him to the nearest hospital. Feeling bad about what had happened, the doctor paid all the medical bills and made sure the boy was well taken care of. Eventually, the boy recovered and was to be discharged. So the doctor asked him if he had anywhere to go or a place to stay after being discharged. Upon realizing that the child had no home, the Doctor invited the child to stay with him in his beautiful mansion. That way he could monitor his recovery and continue paying for any medication that was needed. The doctor went a step further, gave him the best food, bought him beautiful shoes, clothes and even got him a haircut. See, over time he grew close to the boy and made the decision to adopt him as his own child. This meant that he wou