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How to register with NSSA

What is NSSA? NSSA is Zimbabwe's national social security authority.  It is the national organisation tasked with promoting occupational safety and health as well as protecting individuals in situations or conditions whereby their livelihoods are threatened. Such situations include: • Sickness • work injuries • old age • invalidity • retirement • death NSSA also provides trainings, rehabilitation services for the insured and a factory inspectorate.  Who should register? When one becomes an employer, they are required by law to register with NSSA within 30 days of hiring an employee/s. How to register with NSSA The registration process is fairly simple. You will be required to fill in the following forms: 1. Form P2- This contains the Employer's details, related company details, bankers details, contribution details and the owner/director or responsible person. 2. Form P3- This contains the employee's details, occupation details, contact details, spouse, children and other d

How to register a PBC: Step by step guide

One of the key steps of starting your own business is formalizing your business. Company registration will open up the doors to new opportunities for your business. These include the ability to apply for tenders as well as to participate in government programs. It is also a way of protecting your personal assets if things do not go well. You can therefore register your company as a private business corporation or a private limited company.  There are many companies and consultants who offer company registration services, but as you are starting your business, the funds might be inadequate. This article will discuss in detail, how to register a Private business corporation. Thanks to technology some aspects of company registration such as the name search can now be done online in Zimbabwe. You will still need to submit the PBC 2 form however and I'll cover all that in detail. WHAT IS A PRIVATE BUSINESS CORPORATION (PBC) A private business corporation is a legal entity with limited l

Check out my new app- CheerApp

THE ARGUMENT I'm sure we all agree that 2020 has been one hell of a year. Many found themselves jobless, whilst some even lost their loved ones, relationships took a knock and staying indoors has taken its toll. All this compounded with life's everyday challenges could have a devastating impact on one's mental health.  Cheery or CheerApp is a platform designed for anyone who is either having a bad day, feeling sad or going through some stuff. Many are aware of the need to stay healthy, but oftentimes we focus on the physical, and neglect our mental health. It takes a great deal of self awareness to understand one's reality and take appropriate action to control it. So whilst some might reach out for help, the majority tends to lack an effective coping mechanism and they suffer silently alone. This affects their concentration and consequently their performance in all aspects of life. Over time, sadness, anxiety and paranoia evolves into depression, schizophrenia and a ho