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Try our new web app- Asaqeni Business Pro

Hi guys, My name's Likhwa, and I'm a self taught developer from Zimbabwe. I'm also the founder of Asaqeni- a help-kit for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. Over the past decade, less than 0.5% of global venture capital has gone to the African continent. This is ironic considering that an estimated 75% of the continent's working population are self employed. We have lots of informal traders and we consider these people entrepreneurs in their own right. However the majority of these small businesses are stuck in survival mode. They struggle to make ends meet and their ventures rarely ever grow. After some research and analysis we came to a number of conclusions. Apart from the obvious obstacles such as funding, failing economies and poor infrastructure, many small businesses fail because the owners lack a clear strategy. Oftentimes the owner is so focused on survival they hardly ever think of growth. This can be attributed to a number of things, but the ma