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How to use Asaqeni Business Suite to reach your next business milestone

The whole "Be your own boss" thing isn't as glamorous as the rich looking Lamborghini guy made it seem. To be honest, it's very hard and we can attest to that. Over 75% of new businesses don't survive beyond their first year and less than 5% of new businesses make it to their 5th year. There are numerous reasons for this, but oftentimes it's because the founders didn't have a clear strategy or they didn't lay a solid foundation for their business. More importantly, many lack the tenacity required to keep going and hence it takes considerable grit to join the 1%. In this article we'll cover a few tips to help you start your business off on the right foot using the Asaqeni Web app. We'll help you come up with a strategy as well as a roadmap to achieving that vision. Setting up your account in Asaqeni The  Asaqeni Business Suite  is a comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to guide founders and small business owners as they start and gr