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How to create a social media app using your mobile phone

Ever wondered if you could build your own social media app?

Well it's possible and it's a lot easier than you think.

You could actually create a social media app using your phone. Yes, you heard that right. You can create a social media app using your android phone.(I'm sorry Apple users)

In this tutorial series I will show you how to create a your own social media app using Sketchware. Sketchware is an android app that creates other apps. You can download Sketchware from Google Playstore.

Before we start

Program Duration: 5 - 10 days (Estimated)

Recommended time per day: 2 hours per day (Recommended)

Depending on your accuracy and speed this should take about 5 days if you give yourself 2 hours a day. I'm pretty sure it can be done in about two days but you don't have to rush.

How this Sketchware tutorial works
The whole topic couldn't be covered in one article so I wrote a series of related articles which can be read individually to build a complete app. You can view each of these by clicking the respective links for each activity.


Sable app mockup

A mockup of my Sable business builder app

What we will do

Our app will be built on the following key pillars:

1. Firebase

Firebase is Google's platform developed for mobile app developers. It allows you to manage user authentication, database management and file storage. Firebase is free to use for small apps. 

Activity 1: Create and setup a firebase project

Sketchware comes with easy firebase integration and we will be using it for our app. You can create a firebase account by clicking here

Activity 2: Connect your Sketchware app to firebase.

The next step is to link your firebase project to your Sketchware project. Click the following link: How to connect your Sketchware app to Firebase

2. Create a login Screen

You will need to create a login screen to assign user credentials. This screen will help you get the user emails and allocate user IDs. 

It is important to know your users to so that you can save their data to a specific path. Having your user's emails also makes communication with them much easier. 

The login screen also makes it easier to find information that will be saved within your app.  The login screen also helps secure the users' information as well as your platform. It also helps protect your platform from abuse as you can easily identify offenders.

Activity 3: Create a login/signup page

3. Create the Profile section

Profile screenshot
A sample user profile with an image

This is where the user gets to customize their personal details or information. This is their own space in your app. They also add or determine what information will be publicly displayed.

Activity 4: Create user profile 

Click here for the full tutorial on how to create a the user profile section of your social media app.

4. User list

User list

This will be a list of your users and it will show new users who is using your app and allow them to send direct messages. This is also an opportunity to allow your users to showcase their individuality by displaying a profile picture and a nice status or whatever you have in mind.

Activity 5

5. Add the Forum/Public wall

This is where your users will upload public posts. The forum is an integral part of any social media app. Here your users will see what other users have posted and be able to like it or comment. The more engaging your forum is, the more time your users will spend in your app and the more likely they will convince others to join.

Social media app forum
A forum(wall) showing text only post as well as with images

Sable wall without images

Activity 6

6. One to one chat(Coming soon... too)

Private chat created in Sketchware
The private chat screen as seen on a Samsung tablet

The users will be able to interact by sending each other private messages. The message will display text and time or date. The textviews will be linkified so any links will be visible and clickable. The user can also attach images.


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